Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups

Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups

Soup for breakfast? Scrambled eggs and bacon, sure — but soup?

While it might sound odd in American culture, soup is actually a standard breakfast item around the globe. From Mexico to Colombia to Japan and everywhere in between, different cultures enjoy soup as the first meal of the day.

And why shouldn’t they? If, as they say, breakfast is the most important meal we consume, doesn’t it make sense to enjoy a nutrient-dense dish? Soup, when made from real bone broth, contains vitamins, minerals, and collagen, all of which have gut-healing properties.

A hot bowl of breakfast soup is comforting, tasty, and filled with nutrients. If you’re looking for recipe ideas to try on cool mornings, try these soup recipes below.

Is the U.S. the Only Country That Doesn’t Consume Soup for Breakfast?

…Because it certainly seems that way.

Around the world, many countries consider soup a breakfast food. Here are just a few countries that consider soups and stews the perfect morning meal (1):


In the morning Mexicans eat menudo, a spicy stew that involves toasting, soaking, and blending spicy chiles into broth. The main protein in the stew is honeycomb tripe, the edible lining of a cow’s stomach (2).


Changua is a typical breakfast in Bogota, Colombia’s capital. Changua is made from milk, water, eggs, and cilantro.  As the water and milk mixture boils, a large egg is cracked into the soup. Green onion, salt, and freshly ground pepper are stirred in when served. Traditionally, it is served over stale bread to make the bread edible once again (3).

Caldo de costilla, a soup made with beef short ribs, potatoes, olive oil, and cilantro, is considered the ultimate hangover cure.


Miso soup, the same appetizer you typically enjoy at your favorite sushi restaurant, is a broth made from fermented soybean paste. It’s often served with scallions, mushrooms, or tofu. While you may associate this Japanese soup with lunch or dinner, it’s considered a protein-rich breakfast in Japan (4).


Pho, arguably the most well-known Vietnamese dish in the Western hemisphere, is served for all meals of the day. Beef, chicken, pork, and seafood variations are all popular, combining nutrient-dense broth with rice noodles. In Vietnam, it’s not uncommon for street vendors to start simmering pho by 2 a.m., only to sell out by 10 a.m. (5)


Congee, a blend between a rice soup and a porridge, is one of the first non-milk foods given to children in China (6). Similar to chicken soup in the United States, congee is a Chinese comfort food commonly eaten when feeling under the weather (or in dire need of a hangover cure).


In Tunisian culture, lablabi is a vegan soup made with dried chickpeas (7). The cumin-flavored broth is delicious all on its own, but tastes even better topped with poached eggs, a dollop of grass-fed yogurt, or bits of dried bread.


Both rice soups and rice porridge are common Thai breakfast recipes. They combine stock, rice, a few cups of water, and spices to make a soothing dish, comparable to oatmeal in the United States.


In Scandinavia, a common breakfast dish is Swedish blueberry soup. With the blueberries acting as antioxidants, this dish is considered to be a palate cleanser, enjoyed both warm and cold. It’s commonly served in a small bowl topped with yogurt.


Mohinga is a noodle soup considered a classic in Burmese cuisine (Burma was changed to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in 1989). Mohinga is a lemongrass-infused broth thickened with ground rice. Many recipes blend an entire catfish into the soup (8).

8 Soups You Can Enjoy For Any Meal of the Day (Yes, Even Breakfast)

Below, Kettle & Fire shares the best soups to enjoy bright and early in the morning. Warm, satisfying, and filled with vitamins and minerals, these recipes provide an optimal way to start your day.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups - Chicken Tortilla

If you like a little spice, you’ll love starting your day with this healthy chicken tortilla soup. Made with chicken bone broth, shredded chicken, fire-roasted tomatoes, and zucchini, one cup contains 29 grams of protein per cup and 114 percent of your daily vitamin A.

Healthy Lentil Soup

Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups - Healthy Lentil

A common Turkish dish, this lentil soup combines chicken stock, fire-roasted tomatoes, vegetables, and green lentils into a thick, satisfying soup. Disguised as a comfort food in Turkey, Lebanon, and other corners of the world, this soup is filled with fiber, B vitamins, and antioxidants.

Healthy Potato Leek Soup

Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups - Potato Leek

If your favorite breakfast entree comes paired with a side of hashbrowns or breakfast potatoes, this healthy potato leek soup will hit the spot.

While “healthy” potato soup might sound like an oxymoron, this soup is Whole30-approved and paleo-friendly, blending cauliflower with fingerling potatoes to bring the carb count down a bit. Combined with beef bone broth, chopped bacon, leeks, and seasoning, this is one comfort food you don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying.

Healthy Cabbage Soup With Spicy Kimchi

Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups - Cabbage

By now, you know the incredible health benefits associated with fermented foods. This cabbage soup is filled with kimchi, a low-calorie, high-fiber dish made from fermented cabbage. Spiced with fresh garlic, ginger, and soy sauce, it’s an American comfort food infused with Asian flavors.

Chili Verde Tomatillo Soup

Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups - Chili Verde

If you couldn’t get behind menudo (although you should know how good organ meats are for you, come on now), perhaps this Mexican soup will suit you. Made with Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth, shredded chicken breasts, tomatillos, and spices, this soup contains 22 grams of protein in a single cup, 12 grams of fat, and just 8 grams of net carbohydrates.

Cauliflower Soup With Bacon and Chili Oil

Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups - Cauliflower

You’re used to bacon for breakfast, so why not toss it in a soup? This recipe is thick and creamy, more similar to a bisque than a typical soup. Thanks to Kettle & Fire’s collagen-rich bone broth, it’s filled with protein and essential vitamins — including 20 percent of your daily vitamin C. And the best part? It takes only 30 minutes to cook over medium heat on the stovetop.

Healthy Minestrone Soup

Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups - Minestrone

In Italian, minestrone means “big soup,” or one made from lots of vegetables, pasta, and beans. Leek, asparagus, kale, and arugula pesto all come together in this delicious soup that’s the perfect start to your morning. This recipe is filled with flavors and superfoods, including greens and collagen-rich bone broth.

The Easiest Beef Pho Recipe

Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet With These 8 Breakfast Soups - Beef Pho

You already know pho is a traditional Vietnamese breakfast dish, but you might not be aware that there’s an easy pho recipe on this website. Our pho is made with Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth, rice noodles, beef tenderloin, freshly grated ginger, and seasoning. This dish is rich in vitamins, protein, and antioxidants. Plus, a single cup contains an incredible 40 grams of protein.

What’s For Breakfast Tomorrow Morning?

Most of these recipes can be made in a Instant Pot or in a slow cooker the night before. Combine all the ingredients in your slow cooker right before you go to bed, set it to low, and it will be ready when you wake up the next morning. Think of it like overnight oats…except tasty, warm, and satisfying instead of cold and oddly chewy.

Bone broth is rarely consumed at breakfast time (except when served right in a coffee cup). If you want to get more bone broth in your diet, try one of the above breakfast soup recipes for your first meal of the day.

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