5 Surprising Bone Broth Beauty Benefits


Rather than trying to achieve bright, youthful skin with pricey collagen skin creams or finishing powders, what if you had a natural glow that radiated from within? Just think of how much time (and money) that would save you! The good news is, this can easily be done by adding one specific food to your diet: bone broth.

When you think of the most beautifying foods you can eat, animal bones, tendons, and connective tissue are probably not the first things that come to mind. After all, you’ve probably been throwing out these parts with the trash after making Sunday night’s dinner. But what may seem like nothing more than scraps actually contain one of the most powerful building blocks for younger looking skin, healthier nails, and lush, shiny hair. It can even work for smoothing out that godforsaken cellulite. It’s the beneficial protein, collagen.

Collagen and other extracellular proteins make up close to 80 percent of your skin. Collagen, in particular, plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity and preventing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin (1). Some people who’ve tried Dr. KellyAnn Petrucci’s bone broth diet have had a noticeable improvement in their cellulite in just 7 days.

Bone broth also contains a compound called hyaluronic acid, which is the primary ingredient in dermal fillers for anti-aging. It’s also a key nutrient for helping your skin retain moisture for that dewy, supple glow (2).

The collagen in bone broth also can help your hair grow faster and strengthen your nails. But beauty isn’t only skin deep: bone broth can enhance your natural beauty in many other ways, from improving your gut health to keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

5 Surprising Bone Broth Beauty Benefits

1. Bone Broth Promotes Clearer Skin, and May Help Reduce Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, and Psoriasis


For hundreds of years, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine have explained that your skin is a direct reflection of your digestive system. This link, called the gut-skin axis, suggests that premature aging, acne, rosacea, eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions all stem from problems in your GI tract, such as leaky gut syndrome, candida, or gut dysbiosis (3).

The collagen in bone broth improves gut health by acting as “intestinal glue,” which helps heal and seal the holes in the intestinal lining that lead to leaky gut. By strengthening the gut lining, collagen can also help reduce inflammation — which not only helps improve painful digestive symptoms such as gas and bloating, but can also reduce puffiness and redness in your skin (4). Collagen also contains an amino acid called proline, which has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

2. Dark Circles No More: Bone Broth Helps You Get Beauty Sleep

Dark circles under eyes

Most of your cell repair and regeneration takes place when you sleep, which is how your skin stays healthy. Studies show that sleep deprivation can actually make your skin age faster, and can slow down wound healing when your skin is damaged (including sun damage from UV rays) (5). They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

For some of us, getting enough rest and staying asleep can be a challenge. Bone broth can help keep your sleep and wake cycle regular and improve the quality of your sleep, so you can wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed and rejuvenated (and it will show!).

Bone broth helps promote restful sleep in a few different ways. First of all, bones are storehouses for minerals, such as magnesium, which is known as the “calming mineral” because it’s needed to reduce stress and promotes restful sleep. Since it’s estimated that more than 50 percent of Americans are magnesium deficient — with some sources claiming up to 80 percent — it’s no wonder we’re always stressed out and tired (6).

One of the benefits of drinking bone broth over taking a magnesium supplement is that the magnesium in bone broth is highly bioavailable thanks to the slow-simmer time of the bones. When it comes to supplements, you never really know how much your body is truly absorbing.

Second, bone broth is high in the amino acid glycine, which acts as a neurotransmitter and plays a role in regulating your sleep cycle (7). When taken before bedtime, the glycine in bone broth can help improve your sleep quality and reduce daytime energy crashes, which is especially helpful for those with insomnia (8).

It’s safe to say we’ve found the ultimate beauty bedtime elixir with bone broth.

3. Bone Broth Promotes Healthier Teeth

Healthy teeth

What’s more beautiful than your smile?

Calcium is the primary nutrient needed to keep your gums and tooth enamel healthy. Since more than 99 percent of the body’s calcium is stored in bones, bone broth is one of the best ways to get a highly absorbable form of calcium in your diet (9).

4. Bone Broth Promotes Faster Wound and Scar Healing

Wound healing

Not only does consuming bone broth help you fall asleep quicker so that your body can begin it’s repair and regeneration process, but it’s also rich in the amino acid arginine, which plays a critical role in wound healing. Whether you’ve suffered a serious sunburn or a skin injury — or perhaps picked at a blackhead or two (hey, it happens) — studies show that arginine can greatly help speed up wound healing and collagen repair (10).

5. Bone Broth Can Help Prevent Stretch Marks During Weight Gain or Pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy

Since collagen helps maintain the skin’s smoothness and elasticity, it’s the most powerful nutrient for combating the stretch marks that can result from pregnancy or weight gain (11). Drinking bone broth during pregnancy also helps nourish your growing baby.

Collagen Can Be Found in Bone Broth

Bones and tissue are the only true dietary sources of collagen. Since we don’t eat these in their whole form, boiling them into a delicious broth and slow simmering them for 10 to over 20 hours allows the collagen to be released from the bones. Therefore when you drink it or cook with it, the collagen is easy for you to absorb and can go where your body needs it most.

Many plant foods contain nutrients that help stimulate collagen production, such as vitamin C and zinc, but don’t actually contain collagen themselves.

If you want to get extra collagen in your diet in addition to broth, you can also take collagen supplements in the form of collagen hydrolysate (hydrolyzed collagen) or collagen peptides. Just be sure they’re from an organic or grass-fed source.

What About Collagen Skin Creams?

Anti aging skin cream

Unfortunately, most skin care products formulated with collagen aren’t much more than glorified moisturizers. Collagen molecules are typically too large to be absorbed through the outer layer of skin, so instead, the collagen sits on the surface of your skin, rather than getting into the deeper dermal layers, which is where it needs to go for collagen production to take place (12).

This is why getting collagen through your diet rather than topical creams is far more beneficial.

As you can see, bone broth has countless benefits when it comes to improving every aspect of your health. But the same rule applies to bone broth as it does to using topical beauty products: consistency is key, and quality matters.

We always say that killer bones = killer broth. The more nutritious the bones, the more beautifying collagen, amino acids, and vitamins and minerals your bone broth will contain. This is why at Kettle & Fire, we only use bones sourced from grass-fed cattle and pasture raised chicken.

You can drink bone broth as often as you’d like, and add it to all kinds of recipes. Here’s a few of our favorites to get you started.

What may seem like table scraps actually contain one of the most powerful nutrients for natural beauty. Learn about the top 5 beauty benefits of bone broth.

From the left to the right, Quinoa Buddha Breakfast BowlVeggie Curry Over Quinoa, Chicken Tortilla SoupThe Easiest Beef Pho Recipe, Hearty Bone Broth Chicken Noodle Soup, Creamy Mushroom Chicken RisottoMixed Berry Bone Broth SmoothieRaspberry Collagen GummiesPaleo Pumpkin Soup with Bone Broth and Coconut Milk.

You can find more bone broth recipes here. Enjoy and be beautiful!

What may seem like table scraps actually contain one of the most powerful nutrients for natural beauty. Learn about the top 5 beauty benefits of bone broth.

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