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Bone Broth Ice Cubes

Bone broth ice cubes are the perfect way to get your dose of protein and collagen on warm summer nights. Freeze them plain or add some herbs for a beautiful look in your next iced beverage.

Course Bone Broth
Cuisine American
Keyword bone broth ice cubes
Prep Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours
Servings 6 2-inch ice cubes
Calories 11 kcal
Author Kettle & Fire



  1. Using a food safe silicone ice cube tray pour Kettle and Fire Beef Bone Broth into half of the ice cube tray. (We used a 6-slot ice cube tray in this recipe that created 2-inch cubes.)
  2. Pour Kettle and Fire Chicken Bone Broth into the remaining half of the ice cube tray.

  3. Tuck rosemary, sage or a mix of both in a few bone broth ice cube slots with the bone broth.
  4. Mix in a little bit turmeric powder into the rest of the ice cube slots with bone broth. Use more turmeric if desired.
  5. Place the ice cube tray in a freezer for about 4-24 hours or until completely solid.

  6. Enjoy with any iced beverage of your choice for added nutrients!

Recipe Notes

Paleo | Gluten-Free | Whole30 Approved