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Meet Holly: Accomplished Athlete. Habitual Adventurer. Bone Broth Enthusiast.
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Mornings are tough for most people. They usually go something like this:

(Repeat a dangerous number of times, jump out of bed in a panic, rush around as if your house is on fire, and leave in haste with wet hair and/or an unfinished breakfast.)

Sound familiar? 

Well, for an early bird like the woman in the photo above, mornings take on a different hue…

Before the rest of the world is even thinking about stirring, Holly rises before dawn and is off and running (literally) as soon as her feet hit the floor.

And not just because she likes to get started before anyone else.

At least four or five times per week, this dedicated athlete meets up with friends to run in the early hours of the morning, followed by a cold brew coffee from one of her favorite spots in Austin, TX where she lives. (Holly’s self-proclaimed life skill is finding the trendiest cafes in any city – and we can confirm she’s quite talented at it!) After that, she usually enjoys a green smoothie and some meditative moments on the porch with her boyfriend before getting ready and biking to work.

As if that isn’t enough to make you feel lazy: she does all of this before 9:00am.

Holly then spends whirlwind weekdays as a very busy Marketing Manager for us here at Kettle & Fire headquarters, handling everything from branding and project management to product launches, partnerships, and anything else that comes her way. 

She also somehow finds time to meal prep nutritious, delicious-looking feasts and, to our delight, bake healthy-but-sinful-tasting snacks for everyone at the office. 

(She has a killer Keto cookie recipe we’re still dying to get our hands on…)

Suffice it to say, Holly is one of those people who unintentionally motivates others to get up, get out, and get some. 

Just by virtue of watching her, people feel a need to do something more with their days and their lives. 

And that’s exactly why we sat down with her to ask questions and get to know the woman hidden behind the marketing curtain. 

Employee Spotlight: Holly (Doesn’t) Go Lightly

Though she’s a fan of routine – as seen by her morning ritual – Holly’s life outside of the office is where structure ends and spontaneity begins.

Not one to shy away from excitement, this thrill-seeker has been known to sign up for difficult ultra trail races or to willingly jump out of an airplane with little coaxing or second thought. 

And, whether she’s romping through waves, scaling up and down mountains, or tackling 30-day yoga challenges, it’s her “can-do” attitude coupled with a heart of gold that makes Holly a magnet for others.

People gravitate to her endless flow of energy, but they often wonder:

How does someone with such a busy, exercise-filled schedule keep moving?

As it turns out, her go-to is something that’s right under her nose everyday…specifically, right on top of her desk! 

Holly turns to one thing to fuel both her passions and her productivity: Bone Broth. 

And she isn’t just a fan because she works in the industry; though that is how she first discovered it.

As she said herself (when we asked about her bone broth journey), she just loves the way it makes her feel. 

We’ll let her tell you more: 

“I drink bone broth knowing that it soothes me, gets rid of cravings, and helps me slow down. At the same time, it gives me steady energy to push through my day and allows me to make good decisions.” 

Valuing the importance of clean ingredients, Holly also has a firsthand appreciation of how we at Kettle & Fire source and create our signature line of broths and soups; with grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and other organic vegetables and seasonings. 

“Whenever I drink it, I am more mindful about my life in general. Not to mention my skin and body in general feel healthier, and I know it’s helping my muscles as a runner.” 

She’s not a robot, of course. Holly does have guilty pleasures, like duck fat fries and (non-dairy) chocolate peanut butter ice cream. YUM!

And she also – like many of the rest of us – is guilty of snacking too much during the day on occasion.

But she tries to reach for items that are good for her, and says bone broth is the main reason she is able to stay on track while maintaining such a busy schedule.

We obviously had to ask about her favorite flavor when it comes to Kettle & Fire. 

Her answer showed us this seems to be one decision she doesn’t make without careful consideration:

Torn between Coconut Curry & Lime and Mushroom Chicken bone broths, Holly also gives a special shoutout to Spicy Cauliflower Keto Soup for the heartier category.

Miles to Go: What Lies Ahead?

Holly truly loves her life, her work, and the people around her.

She’s excited to be part of Kettle & Fire, which fosters a collaborative culture and an enlightening environment for hard-workers, self-starters, and people who are motivated to change the world…and the eating habits of the people in it! 

Her days are spent working alongside people who “feel more like close friends”, and she never imagined she’d be where she is today at such a young age.

Though she exudes confidence, Holly’s true humble spirit was peeking through more than once during this project, as she shrugged off being in the spotlight. To her, the way she lives is not something she does for external validation or reward. She’s just naturally wired that way – and we couldn’t be more thankful to have someone like her on our team! 

Keep up with Holly

If you’re lucky enough to live in Austin, you may spot Holly at one of the (many) local coffee shops, yoga studios, or hiking areas. 

You can also check out her Instagram page, follow her Twitter account, or read her personal blog for adventure updates, musings about life, and discover where she’s running next.

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