How a 15-Year-Old Pup Beat Her Odds of Living by Only Drinking Bone Broth

titled image: How a 15-Year Old Pup Beat Her Odds of Living by Only Drinking Bone Broth

In May 2017, Sasha Lawer and her 15-year-old pup, Nellie, received some devastating news.

Nellie’s veterinarian explained it would be Nellie’s last night to live, due to some form of poisoning that left her dehydrated, vomiting, and unable to stand or eat. Her liver enzymes were off the charts, and Nellie’s health was deteriorating by the minute. The vet recommended putting the pup in the emergency animal hospital for her last night before she passed away.

Sasha’s love for Nellie wouldn’t allow her to spend the last night of her life in an animal hospital.

If it was to be her last night, I could not let her spend it in a cage.


Instead, she took the pup home to spend what was determined to be her last night in comfort. Wondering what she could possibly do on her own to make Nellie’s last night as painless as possible, Sasha suddenly remembered she had a box of Kettle & Fire Bone Broth on hand, which a neighbor had given her to try.

Since Nellie was having a hard time keeping down food and fluids, Sasha figured it was worth a shot to hydrate Nellie with the bone broth, which would also deliver some much-needed nutrients into her system.

Using only an eye dropper, which she tucked way back into Nellie’s mouth, Sasha fed her bone broth — and only bone broth — around the clock, day and night.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

15 year-old pup, Nellie

Nellie the wonder dog!

Nellie didn’t die.

In fact, within the next couple of days, the pup started to improve. Her recovery started slowly with small improvements. First, she took a few steps, then she tried to scratch her nose, and eventually she gained enough strength to stand. Then, Nellie regained the use of her back legs and began drinking the bone broth from a dish on her own. Finally, Nellie began eating solid foods again.

It’s likely that the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting amino acids in the bone broth are what helped Nellie get well. Bone broth contains arginine, proline, glutamine, and glycine, which all play a role in supporting immunity and liver function.

What had been written off as an ending for Nellie became a new beginning they couldn’t have imagined.

After a few weeks, Nellie regained her health to such a miraculous extent, that she was running around like a puppy at 15 years old — something Sasha had never seen before.

On May 30, 2017, Sasha sent an email to our CEO which touched all of our hearts…

Email from customer Sasha

Because Nellie was a rescue from a kill shelter, she came to Sasha with a number of ailments. Not only did she have health problems, such as heart worm, she also was so severely abused and neglected that she shook like crazy. (Which is actually how she got her name, “Nervous Nellie”.)

What worked for Nellie is now being shared by my whole family!


Today, Nellie continues to thrive, and her loving family members are also ‘bone-brothing’ along with her. In addition to her remarkable recovery, Sasha also noted that Nellie’s coat has a healthy sheen it never had before.

When Sasha shared Nellie’s story with our team at Kettle & Fire, we were deeply touched and appreciative to learn about her experience with our bone broth. We hope Nellie and her family continue to live happy, healthy lives.

titled photo: How a 15-Year- Old Pup Beat Her Odds of Living by Only Drinking Bone Broth

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