Knocking It Out of the Park: Baseball Meets Bone Broth

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Nick Ahmed is changing the game when it comes to being a health-conscious athlete. (Photos courtesy of Arizona Diamondbacks)

Yamamoto glances right, then back at home plate.

His left leg rises from the ground, his right hand drops from the glove, and in one swift motion, a pitch is launched directly toward #13 of the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

The trajectory is favorable for the batter.

A swing is followed by a satisfying, audible THUNK.

Nick Ahmed’s bat connets with the sailing sphere, his eyes turn to the sky, and he takes off running.

Five seconds later, the outcome is clear: The shortstop has nailed an impressive Grand Slam!

He rounds the final plate and enthusiastically joins his team in celebration, logging his second career hit of this kind.

With a list of accomplishments that continues to grow, Nick is proving that he’s a player to watch for, someone to emulate, and that there’s much more to celebrate…

Because baseball isn’t the only thing he has going for him, as we found out.

Sipper Spotlight – Fuel for Recovery

To say that Nick Ahmed is active is an understatement. 

When he’s not adhering to an intense training/travel schedule with the Arizona Diamondbacks, he’s playing teammate to wife Amanda and coaching their two young boys on everything from how to steal a base to how to be good humans.

As if that doesn’t keep him busy enough, he also dedicates countless hours to charitable work, helping those in need. 

For someone as busy as Nick, health and recovery are super important.

Lengthy downtime is not an option. Especially when you have a family, an entire team, a huge fan base – and people all over the globe –  who depend on you. 

And Nick’s status as a professional athlete means he needs to be able to adapt and overcome any physical challenges of the game – and have the ability to recover quickly.

Self-admittedly, he often supplements his diet to help him do this in natural ways. 

But he’s not on some crazy regimen no one has ever heard of. He doesn’t fall prey to false promises or wacky diets or suspicious products promoting endless youthfulness and elastic joints. 

No, his solution is much more realistic. (And it actually works!)

In his words:

“I take my health very seriously. I love the vitamins and minerals, collagen, protein and benefits to my digestive system that I get from drinking bone broth.”

That’s it. Nothing unusual. Nothing gimmicky. Just all-natural bone broth.

Bones are nature’s only source of collagen protein and Nick understands the importance of replacing what is depleted in the body during the natural course of aging.

(Yes, even someone in their twenties like him should be concerned with aging. This is actually when collagen production begins to decline.)

And, since he is health conscious, he prefers bone broth that comes from real, organic, pasture-raised and grass-finished bones. 

Which is why he is firm in his preference for Kettle & Fire. 

Our bone broth is his “favorite recovery drink after a game!”, according to an Instagram post where he called Kettle & Fire his “Natural Protein Shake”

Here’s another reason he gave for liking us:

“The high quality organic ingredients and no added unhealthy ingredients.” 

Nick wants to know that what he puts into his body is pure and natural, so he can be comfortable doing it everyday. 

It’s as simple as that. 

And simplicity is the name of his game. It’s the same mindset he carries onto the field: When there are runners on base and the ball is heading straight for his glove, there’s only a split second to decide where to send it next.

There’s no time to research, weigh options, discuss the pros and cons…that sort of thing.

Which is why Kettle & Fire is his choice. So he doesn’t have to worry. 

(P.S. In case you’re wondering which of our delicious bone broths are his faves: he raved about and continues to reorder Mushroom Chicken, which you can find here!) 

The Next Inning – Beyond the Stadium

Nick may be a fan of Kettle & Fire, but we can honestly say the feeling is mutual.

What we found out about his charity work is nothing short of incredible. The best way we can explain it is:

He’s a really, really good dude.

For starters, he doesn’t just WANT to help people, he’s actually doing it.

His PledgeIt campaign (a fan-centered charity where athletes can choose how they want supporters to participate) benefits the Big League Impact Foundation, whose core mission is “to save lives, restore dignity, and instill hope in our local communities around the globe”.

The campaign aims to match up to $75,000 to fund a community center in the Dominican Republic, and to provide other assistance for the homeless, hungry, and others in need in the DR, as well as his local community in Arizona.

He’s also very involved in the Ahmed Family Double Play Fund through his home team and aims to end hunger for thousands of children by providing funds, meals, and other services.

Catch up with Nick

Click to learn more about his PledgeIT campaign, the Double Play Fund, or Big League Impact.  You can also follow his Instagram page for updates, ballpark exclusives, and motivational memos:

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