Top 7 Keto Podcasts You Can Listen to For Free

Top 7 Keto Podcasts You Can Listen to For Free

There are countless methods you can use to burn fat, lose weight, boost energy levels, and gain mental clarity — but few of them are actually sustainable. That’s where the ketogenic lifestyle comes in. While the keto diet is based on eating a high-fat, low-carb diet, for many, it’s far more than just a diet — t’s a means to achieve happiness, fulfillment, and feel healthier. If you’re wondering how something as simple as a tweak in your macronutrients can be life-changing, then you’ll want to grab your headphones and download one (or all) of these free keto podcasts.

1. The Keto Answers Podcast

Keto Answers Podcast

The Keto Answers Podcast is hosted by Dr. Anthony Gustin, founder and CEO of ketogenic supplement company Perfect Keto. He’s also a functional medicine practitioner and crossfit coach. Whether you’re a seasoned keto enthusiast, just starting off, or simply curious about what a high-fat, low-carb diet can do for you, Dr. Gustin has packed the Keto Answers Podcast full of valuable, complex research and made it simple and easy to digest, so you can begin applying what you learn right away.

Interviews with health influencers, combined with Dr. Gustin’s personal expertise on the ketogenic lifestyle, will answer all of your burning questions about how to make the latest health trends work for you, including:

  • How the keto diet may promote accelerated fat loss, plus it may help people lose weight, gain energy, get better results from the gym, and achieve more mental clarity.
  • How to use your diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Intermittent fasting.
  • Nutrition trends, such as carb cycling and the Carnivore Diet.
  • How to support your hormonal health.

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2. The Keto Diet Podcast

Keto Diet Podcast

The Keto Diet Podcast is hosted by Leanne Vogel, author of The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High Fat Diet. She also runs the popular keto blog, Healthful Pursuit: the go-to resource for anyone looking to achieve more health, confidence, and happiness through the ketogenic lifestyle.

When Leanne discovered the keto diet, she was deep in the throes of her own health turmoil, struggling with disordered eating, substance abuse, hypothyroidism and other symptoms of severe hormone imbalance. After trying several other diets to manage her symptoms, she finally found relief when she took a customized approach to the ketogenic lifestyle.

Today, Leanne shares everything she has learned along the way on The Keto Diet Podcast in hopes of empowering others to take charge of their health. Kettle & Fire co-founder and CEO, Justin Mares, also makes a guest appearance on episode 67 to discuss the benefits of adding bone broth to the keto diet.

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3. Keto for Normies

keto for normies

Meet Matt and Megha, hosts of Keto for Normies and founders of KetoConnect, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to mouthwatering keto recipes and tips for success.

What makes Keto for Normies different than other keto podcasts are the realistic tips they offer to make keto doable for anyone — including those trying to eat keto on a budget (even when you’re at a fast food chain) — and make the keto lifestyle work for you.

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4. Bulletproof Radio

bulletproof radio

If you love to geek out on biohacking, this is guaranteed to be your jam. Hosted by Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, this podcast discusses everything from the keto diet to gut health and autoimmune conditions. Some episodes also include lifestyle tips, such as how to improve your relationships, and the shifts in your mindset that need to happen if you truly want to transform your health.

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5. The Primal Blueprint

Primal Blueprint Podcast The Primal Blueprint Podcast is hosted by Mark Sisson, author of a famous low-carb paleo blog Mark’s Daily Apple. This podcast covers different ways to approach the keto diet, the biggest mistakes to avoid when going keto, and how to make your metabolism work for you by eating high-fat, low-carb. Guests on the Primal Blueprint Podcast include health experts such as Chris Kresser and Ben Greenfield.

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6. The Keto for Women Show

The Keto for Women Show

Ladies, this one’s for you. Join holistic nutritionist Shawn Mynar to learn how to thrive on the keto diet: a lifestyle Shawn believes can be powerful and transformational when applied safely (because keto for women is a different approach than for men!).

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7. 2 Keto Dudes

2 Keto DudesWhat happens when two overweight dudes are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? They turn to the ketogenic diet and share what they’ve learned along the way.

Hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Morris, this show is about how both dudes lost the weight and returned their blood glucose levels back to normal after nixing the carbs and upping the healthy fats (especially after every other diet and prescription drug failed).

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We have identified the best keto podcasts out there for you to listen to for free. There are seven of them. Check them out and find your favorite one.

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