What Does This Elderly Lady Do for Glowing Skin And Good Sleep?

What Does This Elderly Lady Do for Glowing Skin and Good Sleep

Connie Baum might just be one of Kettle & Fire’s biggest fans.

A retired massage therapist from Tecumseh, Nebraska, Connie sips on warming, hearty cups of bone broth before going to bed at night, blends it into her smoothies in the morning and cooks up big batches of chicken noodle soup for her neighbors and friends on the weekends. She can’t seem to get enough. And after only two months of trying the stuff, she couldn’t wait to tell us about it.

Connies Email to Kettle Fire

Of course, we were thrilled to hear from Connie, who at the incredible age of 78, hasn’t stopped getting comments on how radiant and youthful her skin looks. This is no small compliment for Connie, who has been suffering from eczema since she was born. She also claims to be sleeping better at night and feeling charged up during the day by the wholesome goodness that’s in every serving of broth.

Connie loves our bone broth so much that she has even gotten her husband Norman (Connie calls him The Normanator) — who has suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease from his years as a painter — hooked on it, too. Now, she’s working on her friends, neighbors and anyone else that’s amazed by her glowing skin and has a minute to hear about all the things she has learned by reading The Kettle & Fire blog.

She has health issues and needs the bone broth like everybody needs oxygen!

Connie Baum

At a recent doctor’s appointment, a woman asked Connie how she was so knowledgeable about nutrition, and Connie simply dropped her a note with our website and brand. “I hope she gets with the program,” Connie said. “She has health issues and needs the bone broth like everybody needs oxygen!” (We love you, Connie, and can’t thank you enough for spreading the good word!)

While we would love to take all the credit for Connie’s youthful glow and vibrant health, there are a lot of things she does in addition to drinking our magical health elixir. For starters, she eats a diet that’s rich in fresh vegetables, fruits and proteins. She stays active and has a full (and fulfilling) schedule of volunteer work. She also ensures she’s surrounded by people she likes and makes it a priority to only do things that make her happy. Bone broth, she said, just takes it to the next level.

“It just tastes great — especially when I put my own special touch on it,” Connie said. “And as far as health goes, we feel well and strong, despite our age. And I’m sleeping better. I had no clue bone broth could ever do that.”

I’ve come to learn that I love bone broth and couldn’t live without it.

Connie Baum

Because the nearest place to buy bone broth is an hour away, Connie orders shipments of her bone broth from K&F online. When she gets it, she makes sure she uses every drop by cooking grains and noodles in it, freezing leftovers to toss in smoothies and blending it into all sorts of sauces and gravies.

Well, Connie, we wouldn’t be here without stellar people like you.

What Does This 78-Year-Old Lady Do for Glowing Skin and Good Sleep

Do you have a Kettle & Fire bone broth story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it! Leave a comment below for a chance to be featured on our blog.

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