Sipper Spotlight: The Bone Broth This UFC Champion Trusts

The Bone Broth This UFC Champion Trusts

Kickboxer. Muay Thai athlete. Self-proclaimed “health freak.” American Sign Language student. Cat lover. Heart of gold.

There are many ways to describe UFC fighter Felice Herrig, otherwise known as “Lil Bulldog.”  But one descriptor stands out more than others, because it gives you a glimpse of HOW she achieves greatness.

Felice Herrig is a bone broth sipper. And she wants everyone to know it.

Her journey with bone broth began a couple of years ago when she heard about it off-the-cuff. But her instant attraction to it was anything BUT random.

Now, she drinks it every single day.

The Support Felice Herrig Needs, In and Out of the Ring

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“As a professional athlete, there is so much wear and tear on my body.”

Felice is a testament to the importance of collagen for joints. As a 16-year veteran in the fighting world, she is susceptible to the effects of intense training and workouts. The natural collagen protein in bone broth allows her to recover and build back essential collagen lost over time.

She also drinks bone broth to stay “young-looking for as long as possible,” she confided to us, almost sheepishly.

It’s endearing the way she brushes away the importance of that sentiment, but it goes beyond vanity. Youthfulness is one of the signs of healthy living. And a former esthetician such as Felice knows that great skin is a direct result of putting good things into your body.

Then there’s the little-talked-about effect of being in her profession: getting your hair pulled out. Yeah, bone broth helps with that too! Felice says it keeps her locks strong and healthy, which is something she only learned after actually drinking it consistently.

Words of Advice From a True Fighter

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It’s clear Felice is an advocate for bone broth, but she’s more than just a believer in the benefits for herself.

As a person who favors outreach and helping others — she’s even learning sign language to communicate with deaf fans — Felice wants people to try bone broth for themselves.

When asked what she would tell others who are curious about drinking it or specific brands, she had this advice: “As soon as I heard about the benefits of bone broth, I sought out to find the best bone broth company with the highest standards for quality ingredients and cooking methods.”

With a “less is more” mentality, she supports the elimination of unnecessary ingredients and favors truth and transparency when it comes to what she puts in her body. Being healthy and in shape isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s her career. It’s her lifeblood.

Because of this, Felice is firm in her choice of Kettle & Fire bone broth.

“I’m someone who pays attention to the small details and to the companies who do the same. I believe Kettle & Fire practices what they preach when it comes to true health.”

It’s clear that Felice isn’t bought into bone broth as some fad. She’s not new to the bandwagon, and she clearly isn’t doing it for the fame (she did that on her own in the fighting world a long time ago!).

This is a person who lives by a “rule of balance,” who is dedicated to her health, committed to healing, and shows no mercy when it comes to battling negative effects on her mind, body, and soul.

Whether she’s using it for extra collagen protein, or drinking it during a fast, this “Lil Bulldog” is the epitome of taking her own advice.

She knows the fight for optimal health is never easy, but that a few carefully chosen “power up” foods make a world of difference. Kettle & Fire bone broth is one of hers.

Q&A With Felice Herrig

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Why do you drink bone broth?

I mostly drink the bone broth for the collagen. It’s so good for your skin and joints. As a professional athlete there is so much wear and tear on my body. And for some crazy reason ever since the 6th grade I’ve been obsessed with staying young-looking for as long as possible. I was an esthetician for five years and collagen is the way to go if you want your skin to stay youthful.

When did bone broth become a regular part of your diet?

I would say the past two years bone broth has been a staple in my diet. I drink bone broth every single day.

Why hadn’t you tried it before that?

I really tried bone broth as soon as I heard about it. Knowledge is power and sometimes you just need a proper introduction.

What bone broth brands have you tried?

To be honest I’ve never tried any other bone broth brands. And here’s the reason why. As soon as I heard about the benefits of bone broth I sought out to find the best bone broth company with the highest of standards for quality ingredients and cooking methods. I’m a health freak, a label freak and all about ingredients and the way my food is prepared. I believe less is more. And by that i mean the less that is done to my food the better. I stay away from ANYTHING with unnecessary added ingredients, chemicals, in this case growth hormones to the cows and chickens.

What made you decide to stick to K&F?

Because I believe in only putting high quality food and ingredients into my body. I love and believe in what Kettle and FIre stands for. They are not a company pretending to be into the health and wellness and secretly adding bulls*** ingredients to the products for people who don’t know any better. I’m someone who does know better so I pay attention to the small details and to the  companies who do the same. I believe Kettle & Fire practices what they preach when it comes to true health.

How has bone broth helped you improve your training and performance?

I have been a fighter for 16 years, professionally for 12 and let me tell you the wear and tear on my body is starting to be apparent. But I feel a big difference in my joint health since using bone broth daily. And my hair and skin looks great too. And believe me I notice the hair thing A LOT because i’m constantly grappling and getting my hair pulled out. I’ve been trying to keep my hair strong and healthy and bone broth seems to do the trick for me.

How do you feel after consuming bone broth?

Well bone broth is just so warm and calming on the system. Not to mention there is so much you can do with it. You can drink it on its own or make it into an entire meal, which is what i like to do. Every day I like to have a meal of bone broth soup. My nickname is the Lil Bull Dog and I like to call it my Lil Bowl Dog soup. I add a protein, tons of veggies, sometimes rice, sometimes brown rice pasta, vegetables, garlic. The possibilities are endless, really.

Did you ever consider it/think of it for getting over a cold?

Oh of course…we’ve been told since we were kids to eat soup or chicken noodle soup since we were kids. Unfortunately over time with what is actually done to our food and canned soups they really don’t hold the health benefits. But Kettle & Fire does. Every time I start feeling symptoms of a sore throat or fever I simmer some garlic and vegetables into my bone broth and my symptoms are a lot less severe.

How many people have you gotten on the bone broth bandwagon?

I think just like so many diet crazes and fads a lot of people have gotten on the bone broth wagon. But companies are savvy to that and just the label “bone broth” is a marketing scheme. That’s why I think it’s important to do your research and know exactly why you’re on the kick and its health benefits. Bone broth has been around forever really. But again I love Kettle & Fire because they actually make their bone broth to keep all the health benefits of why bone broth is healthy for you.

Have you noticed any differences or improvements in your health?

I believe in a healthy lifestyle. The picture of health I experience I believe is from a number of things I do on a daily basis to keep my health in tact. Drinking bone broth is just one piece of the puzzle.

Are there any other foods that you eat or supplements that you take that have similar effects as bone broth?

I think glutamine is very important to our bodies and for so long people shied away from healthy fats but now are realizing they are so beneficial to our health. Healthy fats help coat our joints, help with our hair, skin, and nails. I think when it comes to health it’s not just about one thing. It’s developing a healthy lifestyle. For me bone broth is just a part of my daily routine for a healthy lifestyle.

Are there other things you eat or take to feel healthy and strong?

I try and live by a rule of balance. Each meal I try to consume a good amount of fruits or vegetables, a healthy fat of avocado, nuts, olive oil, etc., a clean and healthy source of protein, bone broth would be one of them. And for me especially as an athlete a good source of carbs from sweet potatoes, squashes, oats, and rices.

Anything else you want to share?

I think we need to listen to our bodies more. And instead of looking to absolutes for answers, like “I don’t eat any carbs, I don’t eat ANY sugar, I’m only on keto, I’m only a vegetarian,” we should just try and find balance. And not count carbs and calories, unless it’s for a certain purpose like a competition. I have found that obsession about the food we eat is very unhealthy to our bodies and state of well-being.

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