How Bone Broth Helps POW Guy Gruters Relieve Arthritis

How Bone Broth Helps POW Guy Gruters Relieve Arthritis

There’s nothing better than a true bone broth prepared the old way — and that’s what we believe you have.

Captain Guy Dennis Gruters

A former United States Air Force officer and fighter pilot, Captain Guy Dennis Gruters has one heck of a story to tell.

In addition to being recognized for his outstanding service during the Vietnam War, Captain Gruters is best known for surviving over 5 years as a prisoner of war (POW) in the gruesome communist Vietnam prison camps before his release in 1973 — a time that left him emotionally and physically wounded.

Guy Gruters

Today, Captain Gruters shares his story of survival through motivational talks, where he speaks on forgiveness, building resiliency, leadership, love, and perseverance. He also has a long list of several other incredible achievements, including starting his own software company in 1979, and closing the biggest sale in IBM history by a single company salesman ($48 million!). And while Captain Gruters’ story is one that’s unthinkable for many of us, he relates every technique and principle he used to survive the toughest conditions imaginable to helping others overcome any challenge they may face today.

As you can imagine, Captain Gruters didn’t make the transition from prisoner of war to motivational speaker overnight. He returned home in very poor health. For several years, he suffered from severe arthritis and impaired cognitive function due to nutrient deficiencies he endured in captivity. And that’s all in addition to the shock and emotional trauma he suffered. But Captain Gruters shared with us the one food he’s found to help him regain his health: bone broth.

Guy Gruter's email to K&F

“In prison camp, your brain is shocked,” he said. “You have real trouble with your brain. No B vitamins, refined white flour and water is all you’re fed in prison. There’s a serious lack of nutrition for the brain — no meat, no supplements, no enriched flour. You’re fed flour full of mould and rat excrement. As a result, you have really bad health problems.”

This is how Captain Gruters explained the lack of nutrition in prison camps, and the arthritis he has suffered as a result since that time.

Guy Gruters and His Wife Sandy Gruters

When his wife Sandy also started experiencing symptoms of arthritis, they started drinking bone broth on a “spotty basis.” They tried various brands at first, but soon became regular bone broth sippers once they discovered Kettle and Fire Bone Broth. Gruters explained that they preferred the taste of Kettle & Fire Bone Broth compared to other brands, and felt the difference in their health.

You’re in a great, great service for the whole human race!

Captain Guy Gruters

Now in his mid 70’s, Captain Gruters said that after only a few months of drinking Kettle and Fire Bone Broth, the dull, persistent pain (especially at night) of arthritis is gone. He can even do new exercises, like deep squats, that he couldn’t do a year and a half ago!

In Captain Gruters’ words, he believes bone broth is the solution to his arthritis problems, and regularly drinking bone broth is his #1 tip for people who are experiencing the same health symptoms.

“You’re in a great, great service for the whole human race,” he told us.

While Captain Gruters felt the greatest improvement in his symptoms of arthritis from drinking bone broth, the powerful nutrients it contains can also help improve autoimmune conditions, chronic digestive issues (IBS, IBD, and leaky gut syndrome), skin problems, allergies, depression, anxiety, and more.

How Bone Broth Helps POW Guy Gruters Relieve Arthritis

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