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Are Bone Broth Protein Products Bad For You?


Recently, bone broth protein products have come under fire for containing traces of antibiotics, steroids, insect repellents, parabens, and other carcinogenic chemicals. It’s not exactly what you’d expect to find in your bone broth, is it?

According to, the products that underwent testing were selected from Amazon’s top seller list of bone broth products, which included bone broth protein meals and bone broth protein powders.

Now, we’re not saying it’s right, but there’s a reason why bone broth protein powders — not to be confused with ready-to-eat bone broth — may include additives and preservatives.

Why Bone Broth Protein Products Use Additives

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The purpose of using additives and preservatives in food products is to extend their shelf life and  help stabilize a food product’s structure, as well as keep the desired consistency. (For example, to prevent a bone broth protein powder from turning into clumps.) And while not all powdered food products will contain additives and preservatives, there’s many that do — but you’ll never find this information on the label.

Many pre-prepared food products also use additives that have antimicrobial properties, which prevent them from becoming contaminated. In the case of the tested bone broth powders, a paraben with antimicrobial properties called butylparaben (which has been linked to breast cancer) was used. It’s a product that’s also commonly used in cosmetics.

Other seemingly random chemicals can find their way into powdered supplements based on how they’re processed and the type of machinery used. For example, these bone broth products were found to contain small amounts of a carcinogenic pesticide called Pyrocide, which is most likely used to treat the processing equipment.

While it’s true that what isn’t labelled on nutritional supplements or powders is sketchy at best, there are healthier alternatives to bone broth powders and proteins that you can trust.

Why Kettle & Fire Bone Broth Uses NO Additives or Preservatives

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth

What you see on our label is exactly what you get. We never use additives or preservatives, and that’s our guarantee.

There’s no reason why a ready-to-eat bone broth made with high-quality ingredients should contain anything other than bones, and organic veggies and spices.There’s also a little bit of sea salt that serves as a 100% natural preservative. But in addition to the ingredients bone broth is made from, how it’s sealed and packaged can also determine if it needs antimicrobial agents and other preservatives added to it.

The reason why Kettle & Fire Bone Broth doesn’t use any additives, preservatives, or other chemicals is because 1) it’s made from unprocessed, whole, ingredients and 2) it’s packaged aseptically to ensure it is safe and wholesome throughout its shelf-life. The idea is that no germs can get in.

You may be wondering how our bone broth is fresh (never frozen), as well as chemical and preservative-free  with a shelf life of 2 years. Here’s a no-fluff explanation of what makes our ready-to-eat bone broth different than the other bone broth supplements and powders on the market.

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth is Proven to Contain More Collagen Than Other Leading Brands

The main reason why many people turn to bone broth to improve their health is due to the high collagen content. Collagen is a protein that’s loaded with anti-inflammatory amino acids and healing compounds, which are needed to support gut, bone, joint, and skin health. In other words, the more collagen you get from bone broth, the better.

Since not all bone broth and bone broth supplements are created equal, their collagen content will vary. To look into this further, we tested our grass-fed beef bone broth along with other leading brands of ready-to-eat bone broth (not powdered supplements) to see how the collagen content compares. Here’s what we found:

Bone Broth Leading Brand 1 Bone Broth Leading Brand 2 Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth
Collagen Content (mg/g) 0.135 1.70 44.2 26.0

The test results showed that both our chicken and beef bone broth offer 15 to 300 times more collagen than the other leading brands we tested on the market.

Soon Organic Bone Broth Products Will Be Tested 

According to, organic bone broth products are next in line to be tested by the CWC for chemicals and heavy metals, which can appear even in the purest,or minimally processed food products because they’re heavily present in our environment.

Therefore, buying organic doesn’t guarantee you’re in the clear from coming into contact with toxins altogether. But soon enough, the results of organic bone broth products (including ready-to-eat bone broths) will be revealed, and you’ll know which bone broth products are the best for you. We’ll have an honest update for you as soon as the results are out!

Lately bone broth protein has come under fire for containing carcinogenic chemicals, and several toxins. Here's what you need to know about these products.

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