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Organic Bone Broth Recipes: 26 Creative Ways to Cook with the Gelatin Rich Elixir

Because bone broth is loaded with collagen, it has an endless amount of health benefits, which we discuss all the time.

Regular doses (I consume at least 8 ounces a day) can heal your gut, detoxify your liver, boost your metabolism, improve your joint health, reduce cellulite, and transform your derma into gorgeous, glowing skin. What’s not to love?

I usually take my bone broth in a mug (as a warm drink) with a little lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Delicious!

The only problem I run into with my beloved boney brew is that sometimes, I fall into the routine of consuming it the same way over and over and over again. Of course that’s not an issue if you’re the kind of person that can eat the same thing everyday, but it’s excruciatingly boring if you’re a foodie like me.

del drinking bone broth

Getting bored with the real foods that keep you healthy and happy is the quickest way to fall off the health wagon. So, in order to avoid going down that road, let’s discuss some organic bone broth recipes to avoid getting bored.

Aside from all of its amazing health benefits, one of the best things about bone broth is that it’s extremely versatile. If you don’t feel like tossing back a mug today, tomorrow, or the next day, you don’t have to because there are at least 25 other creative, tasty ways to consume it.

Here are our favorite ways to get it into your system:

26 Organic Bone Broth Recipes That We Love


1. In a soup (substitute bone broth for the liquid)


2. In a stew (substitute bone broth of the liquid)


3. In a gravy (substitute bone broth of the liquid)


4. In a sauce (add in a few splashes on bone broth)


5. In a mayonnaise (add the dehydrated powder or a splash of liquid as a flavoring agent)


6. In a marinade


7. In a brine (replace water with bone broth)


8. In a glaze (add the dehydrated powder or a splash of liquid as a flavoring agent)

9. In a coffee creamer (add a little bit to your raw, grass-fed cream/ or non-dairy creamer)

10. In a mashed potato dish


11. In a mashed cauliflower dish


12. In a cauliflower rice dish (use half gluten-free tamari and half bone broth)


13. In a cashew nut cheese (sub the olive oil for bone broth)


14. In a soaked refried beans dish


15. In a salad dressing

16. In a green juice (add in ½-1 C)


17. In a stuffing (to moisten the Paleo bread cubes)


18. In a mug, as a warm drink

19. As an ice cube (you can add the ice cubes to smoothies)


20. As a dehydrated powder (you can also add this to smoothies or use it as bouillon)

21. As a replacement for water to steam veggies

22. As a replacement for water to cook wild rice (you get to use dehydrated bone broth in this one as well!)


23. As a replacement for water or milk in fluffy scrambled eggs (or to a frittata dish)

24. In a braised veggie dish


25. In a braised meat or poultry dish

26. In an cool, electrolyte-replenishing drink (after a workout)


Anyways, you catch my drift right?

If you don’t happen to like drinking it straight up like I do, or if you’re trying to get as much as you can into your spouse and kiddos to keep them bulletproof, you can absolutely use some of these other recipe ideas to get more bone broth into your diet.

You might have to get a little creative and experiment with some new cooking techniques, but I promise you, none of these are particularly challenging. That’s actually why I love them and listed them. They’re simple and enjoyable – that’s my jam.

Delfina bio picDelfina is the spirited health coach, recipe developer and alternative health blogger behind Code to Wellness. You can drop her a line on Facebook and get lots of #eatmovethink inspiration on Instagram + Pinterest. Reach out! She’s super friendly and wants to hear from you.

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